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The 2017 Sugar Cane Ball

This past Saturday, my lovely wife Vanessa and I were fortunate enough to attend the annual Sugar Cane Ball in Jamaica, an evening of support for local upstanding charitable organizations. The Ball, hosted by Hanover Charities at Round Hill Hotel & Villas, consisted of dinner, dancing, and celebration for one of the largest charitable operations in Western Jamaica.

The Sugar Cane Ball “Diamond Jubilee” commemorated 60 years of the Hanover Charities organization and its contributions to the community.

Since 1957, Hanover Charities has been devoted to improving the health, welfare, and education of the Hanover Parish. With funds serving copious efforts, Hanover Charities promotes programs that feed school children, the elderly, and the indigent, as well as those that provide invaluable health services and financial aid, and encourage positive values.

The Ball has become a well known social event for celebrities – including regulars Ralph Lauren and family – homeowners, and Round Hill Hotel & Villas and Tryall Golf Club of Jamaica visitors, with immeasurable funds surfacing from this single night of support.

The Hanover Charities movement began when Willy Delisser became Custos of Hanover, and he and his wife Ida began implementing positive additions and change in their community. Since its inception, two energetic chairladies have brought great positivity to the operation. Sandy Morris, chair from 1992 to 2001, provided approachability, living in Jamaica amongst the projects and those involved. After Morris’s death, Paula Watkins chaired from 2001 to 2006, providing impressive fundraising efforts for the operation. Katrin Casserly has since taken over, offering a close-to-home approach because of her Jamaican naturalization. Being able to relate to your community and holding close ties to the charities you are supporting are aspects so valuable to the success of any operation.

With no paid staff, Hanover Charities is run strictly by volunteers. And after this evening of coming together, we can see how. Through their site, you can read their amazing history and donate to the Hanover Charities operation today.

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