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The mission of the Fellowship Program is to instill the combination of surgical expertise and business experience and in an empowering, entrepreneurial and ethical setting. Fellows are trained and empowered to perform safer, simpler, and faster surgeries, benefitting both surgeon and patient alike.

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Each LES surgeon is specialty-trained in outpatient surgery and collectively offer a wide range of subspecialty expertise including both adult and adolescent conditions affecting the spine.

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The LES Clinic Spine Fellowship program offers fellows an opportunity to gain an extensive range of comprehensive training in spine treatment.

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Each LES surgeon is specialty-trained in outpatient surgery and collectively offer a wide range of subspecialty expertise including both adult and adolescent conditions affecting the spine.

Our Vision

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To have all graduating fellows performing successful spine surgeries in an outpatient surgery center with LES technologies and techniques.

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To be recognized nationally as the innovative fellowship program responsible for exquisitely training surgeons for the future.

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To educate and empower patients to choose LESS Institute because of the superior customer experience, treatment and philosophy.

The Risk & The Solution

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If fellowship programs do not prepare their graduates for the trend toward outpatient surgery that improves patient care, the hospitals power is removed to stifle fellows employment and business development options by closing their doors and turning their backs on a free market system.

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With over 1,000 outpatient cases per year, the LES Clinic focuses on a wide range Less Exposure Surgery and traditional treatments, including cervical and lumbar fusion. Fellows are exposed to the highest standard of patient care as well as new areas of diagnosis and tailored treatment.

Our Model

During the year-long program, fellows develop in-depth experience in the surgical and nonsurgical management of orthopedic disorders and treatment plans of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. Each fellow works closely with our LES surgeons to, assist in diagnosis, treat patients, and management of a multitude of conditions affecting the spine.

The LES Fellowship Program Provides Training in 6 Core Competencies

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Learn the business of a practice, and spend time shadowing the administrative team

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Participate in hands on cadaver training with surgeons

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Expected to publish at least two papers with exposure to clinical and biomechanics research opportunities

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Exposure to multiple surgeons across the country to see different techniques

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Robust outpatient educational curriculum surrounding all Less Exposure Surgery techniques

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Anterior Cervical Approaches from Henry Bohlman Trained Surgeons

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LES techniques in outpatient ASC by Dr. Kingsley Chin & surgeons he trained

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1 week at SpineFrontier working with engineers on proprietary technology design as well as completing patent application seminar

Ideal Fellowship Candidates

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Graduates from top medical schools

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Focused on fellows from renowned fellowship programs

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Entrepreneurial and business minded

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Focused on surgeons with less than 10 years of practice

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Upon joining the LES fellows program, participants become an integral part of the community around them. Immersed in all aspects of practice management, they build strong ties to other Fellows and LES surgeons:

  • Graduates are prepared to use their talents and expertise to build independence in an outpatient surgical center
  • Opportunity to tap into the rich academic and scientific community located within the LES ecosystem
  • Work with patients from a variety of backgrounds, gaining exposure to a variety surgical scenarios
  • Compensation is provided a stipend and benefits that is competitive with those of other institutions
  • Educate the fellows thoroughly in the decision-making process to understand both the ramifications and possible complications of treatment, rehabilitation or potential revision required to obtain an optimal result
  • Provide an outpatient environment to teach and guide a fellow how to evaluate, manage and follow patients in an outpatient setting
  • Guide fellows to develop teaching skills by educating residents and medical students


The clinical fellowship is a one-year program (August 1st to July 31st)

Application Deadline
September 1st

$90,000 (including health and malpractice insurance). Fellow will function as a junior attending with increasing responsibility through the year and privileges to operate as the primary surgeon and establish his/her own clinic.

LES Clinic Center of Excellence

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