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About Less Exposure Surgery

What is Less Exposure Surgery?

Less Exposure Surgery (LES) is an improvement on Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS). LES utilizes the newest technique and technology to perform outpatient surgery that is proven, safe, effective, easy to master, preserve the natural anatomy, lessen radiation and allow for minimal blood loss and quick recovery. We Keep it Simple, Safe and Sensible (KISS).

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From Open Surgery to MIS

Open surgery and MIS are built on the same foundation. With MIS, the surgeon tries to achieve open surgery results by using smaller incisions and performing the surgery percutaneously through tubes, retractors, and endoscopes. Unfortunately, with MIS, the surgeon loses substantial amounts of his or her visualization of the full anatomy, and has to compensate for this by using excessive X-Ray’s (also called fluoro images). Although the incisions on the skin surface are small, in the end, the actual trauma to the tissues underneath the skin is just as disruptive as open surgery.

MIS still causes a substantial amount of collateral damage and removal of normal tissues. When a surgeon does open surgery, this tissue damage is more obvious and visible. When a surgeon does MIS, the tissue damage under the skin isn’t as obvious. Also, the effects of the additional radiation that MIS requires are also not immediately apparent, but might show up later in life.

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From MIS to LES

LES is based on a new philosophy of doing surgery. LES is less invasive than MIS. LES incisions are small, open incisions through which the surgeon only exposes what needs to be treated for maximum effectiveness and nothing more. By developing improved technologies and techniques tailored for pinpointing a problem and fixing it without collateral damage, LES preserves and minimizes normal tissue disruption without relying on excessive radiation.

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See the Difference
LES vs. MIS and Open Procedures: Incision Size

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