Here’s Why You Should Start Practicing Yoga to Promote a Healthy Spine


From improving flexibility and posture to making you an overall happier person, there’s no secret yoga has its share of benefits. But when back pain and spinal spasms get in the way of your daily activities, practicing something like yoga might seem far fetched. To the contrary, yoga can be a notably beneficial activity for those struggling with back issues. Here’s why YOU should release your inner yogi and see what the buzz is all about.


Protect Your Spine

Spinal discs get nutrients through movement. So it’s no surprise back bending, forward bending and twisting helps promote supple and healthy spine discs.

Perfect That Posture

Even those without back pain should be looking for ways to improve their posture, to avoid pain and degenerative arthritis of the spine. When your head and neck are balanced directly above your spine, it gives your body a break from straining the muscles to support it.

Relieve Lower Back Pain

Many yoga moves stretch and strengthen the lower back muscles and increase blood circulation. This, in turn, brings healing nutrients to injured tissues, easing pain from lower back muscles.

Learn Your Limits

learning your limits with yoga is crucial in preventing further back pains and injuries or worsening your condition. Practicing various positions (and re-positions) helps individuals understand their unique limitations.

Relaxation Nation

Relaxation is perhaps the most appealing aspect of yoga, and can actually be quite beneficial in promoting back health as well. Yoga practices incorporate relaxation among stretching, which reduces tension in muscles carrying stress.

Check out the Yoga Journal for moves to alleviate back pain. If you’re short on time, use this 10-minute yoga sequence as your go-to guide. Comment below to your fellow yogis, sharing what’s helped you in promoting a healthy spine and back.