Five Quick Fixes for a Healthy Diet

By Abagail Sullivan


We’ve all toyed with various diet restrictions and nutrition monitoring in an attempt to eat better, but improving your health doesn’t have to be a full-fledged lifestyle change. Try these five easy fixes to your diet, and see just what a difference small changes can make.


1. Avoid a bevvy of beverages.

Watch your liquids. Far too many beverages (that are being consumed on a usually very regular basis) are sneaky culprits, sneaking added sugars and fat into your daily dining dynamic. Skip the latte – which can add hundreds of calories and a significant sugar increase to your morning – and play around with adding a packet of your own sugar preference and almond or coconut milk to taste. Beware of sodas and alcoholic drinks as well, limiting your intake asoften as you can manage.

2. Make H2O your go-to.

Water is the key to a healthy everything, and so crucial in your everyday consumption. Some recommend eight glasses per day, while others suggest consuming half your weight # in ounces daily. Whatever the correct formula, we know water is invaluable in feeling good, all around. Hydration helps to avoid headaches, fights fatigue, aids in digestion, clears your skin, and flushes toxins. And drinking a glass or two before each meal can help keep you full and avoid unnecessary overindulging.

3. Keep it small and keep it consistent.

Aim to maintain a regular eating schedule, while consuming smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. Those who dine this way also tend to veer toward healthier, more nutritional options of consumption.

4. Pre-plan your outings.

Restaurant outings and quick food options can be an unsuspecting downfall to a healthy lifestyle. Instead of foregoing social situations and dining get-togethers, create a quick plan prior to your excursion. If you’re heading to a restaurant, check out their menu (and potential nutritional information) and select your option beforehand. Watch out for subtle additions like bread and butter and alcohol, that can rack up the fats, sugars, and carbohydrates in your meal. For professional and more party-centered social atmospheres, nibble on a healthy snack or smoothie before you go, so as not to become inadvertently sucked into dessert bars and hors d’oeuvres.

5. Shop ‘til you drop.

As much as grocery shopping might be the bane of some of our existences, picking out groceries and planning snacks and meals ahead of time is crucial in keeping up with a healthy lifestyle. Make a list before heading to the store, with go-to snacks and quick, healthy meal recipes to set your base for success. Bringing pre-determined snacks and meals to work is a surefire way to avoid unhealthy quick-grub options and staying satisfied throughout the day (not to mention it saves you a whole lot of money, too!).

As you can see with these five easy steps, sustaining a healthy lifestyle can be very much approachable. It’s about dedication, mindset, and action. Decide you want to make a change, remind yourself of the benefits, and follow through.